Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Happy Easter

Dear friend, Peace be with you,

The Easter is coming, the big Feast of our Salvation. Jesus Christ Risen would like to make us live, this year, that He’s alive and He won the death.

He wants to give us the chance in His Resurrection, of leaving our thumbs that make us closed, may be sufferings, and most of times hopeless. The Church is about to announce you, with strength: Christ has risen! Hallelujah! And we can answer fearless and with no doubts: He’s really risen! Hallelujah!

Our Seminarians are almost at the end of the second year of Seminary. The first seminarians arrived, are facing the study of Philosophy and Theology, the 2 new, are studying the Estonian and Italian languages.


We are facing the renovation and enlargement projects of the Nunciature House, as definitive seat of the Seminary; everything is proceeding, it seems, in the right way, even if very slowly, because of the formalities, in order to obtain the building permit.


We hope that for the upcoming visit of the Holy Father, Pope Francesco in Estonia, probably on the next summer 2018, we could be able to present Him, something realized.


It’s a real joy for me inaugurate our Seminary-website through my special wishes for a Holy Easter!


The Lord risen guides us always and makes us able to feel each in other in communion through the prayer and all other aid forms.

A big fraternal hug from the seminarians and educators,

Don Severino Pizzanelli (Rector)

Missionary Diocesan Seminary

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