Visit of the Apostolic Nuncio

Visit of the Apostolic Nuncio

On November 21, the apostolic nuncio, Monsignor Petar Rajič, visited the seminary. A visit that was a grace for our little seminary.

Mons. Rajič could see for himself the result of the renovations started in 2017 of the old Apostolic Nunciature, which gave rise to the new structure of the Redemptoris Mater seminary in Tallinn, originally born in 2015.
The Nuncio got to know all the rooms, where the life of the seminary takes place, and met every and each one of the people who perform a service within it.

Then, he celebrated the Eucharist in the chapel and during the homily he invited each seminarian to be faithful to God’s call, so that God can work in Estonia.

After the Eucharist, Mons. Rajič had dinner with us in an intimacy that allowed us to get to know our Nuncio better, listening to some of his experiences in the different countries where the Lord called him on a mission.

Finally, the Nuncio left thanking us for the warm welcome and promising us a new visit shortly.

Latest news

Latest news

From September 12 to 15 in Porto San Giorgio took place the convivence of seminarians, in which more than 170 young men people were sent to several Redemptoris Mater seminars throughout the world. Three new seminars were opened: in Lodz (Poland), in Kingston (Jamaica) and in Macao (China), which brings the number of Redemptoris Mater seminars to 125. In accordance with the wish of the Pope and the Congregation for the evangelization of the peoples, the seminar in Macau will form priests for the evangelization of Asia, where thousands of people are waiting to receive the announcement of the good news.

A new seminarian, Marco Librasi from Pisa, was sent to our seminar. Let us thank the Lord for this work he is carrying out and in which we are spectators. Two of our seminarians went on a mission period, Eliasz to Argentina and Manuel to Portugal. Redemptoris Mater seminars are diocesan missionary seminars; therefore, the mission is part of the formation of each seminarian.

On October 17, we received the visit of our bishop for the inauguration of this new year of studies, hoping to bear fruit worthy of our call. What better example than that of Saint Ignatius of Antioch, remembered by the Church on the same day, who spent his life and shed his blood for the Gospel?

Let us pray that the Lord will accompany us in this new year of fighting and, no doubt, of many gifts that the Lord wants to give us.

meeting with Kiko Arguello in Kiev

meeting with Kiko Arguello in Kiev

On May 11th, 2019 there was a meeting with Kiko in Kiev, capital of Ukraine, where he encouraged the brothers of the countries that once belonged to the former Soviet Union, such as Russia itself, Georgia, Ukraine, Latvia and Estonia among many more. As it could not be otherwise, we decided to go on behalf of the Communities of Estonia with the families in mission in Tartu and Tallinn.

This pilgrimage lasted three days, from May10th to May 12th. On the first day, we visited some of Kiev’s tourist attractions, such as the St. Sophia Cathedral, St. Michael’s Church and the Freedom Square.

On Saturday morning we went to the Monastery of the Caves, where we had the opportunity to go down to the catacombs, which remain to this day and see a 21-meter-high iconostasis. At four o’clock in the afternoon we began to listen to the words of Kiko, Father Mario and Ascensión Romero (the international team of the Neocatechumenal Way) at the National Palace of Arts in Kiev, and as mentioned before, they were words of encouragement for a group of Christian evangelizers in an ex-communist, atheist and individualist world. The spirit spread was so great that about 130 young people and many families “rose” to make themselves available to the will of God. Following the meeting, we attended the Sunday Eucharist in the Catholic Church of San Alejandro.

On Sunday, we evangelized in the squares, together with some communities of Kiev. In this occasion, our seminarian Giosuè Schirru gave his experience publicly. Afterwards, some families welcomed us to spend the night, since we returned to Estonia the next morning.

It has been one more experience that strengthens our faith, thanks to the words given by the international itinerant team and thanks to the demonstration of communion that exists between Christians, whether from Poland, Russia, Spain or another country in the world. In the end, we must take into account that our homeland is the same, that our homeland is heaven.

Admissio of Emmanuel Parra and Kiryl Arlionak

Admissio of Emmanuel Parra and Kiryl Arlionak

On May 2nd at the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Tallinn, our Bishop Philippe Jourdan celebrated the rite of “admissio ad ordines” of two of our seminarians, Emmanuel, from Chile, and Kiryl, from Belarus.

They are in the fourth year of study and belong to the first group that arrived in Estonia in September 2015, when our Seminar was opened.

On the same day in Tallinn was held the funeral of Vello Salo, an elder priest and well-known Estonian theologian, who died on Easter night after 63 years serving the Church. Before celebrating the rite of “admission”, the Bishop, exhorting the candidates, invited them to be faithful to the call as that priest was. The words of the Bishop must also be highlighted: “(…) You will not be alone so that you will be faithful, surrounding you will be your communities, the parish, your brother priests, the whole Church, because no one can be faithful by being alone, nobody becomes a priest alone.”

Now, after these four years, the Church confirms their vocation. his fills us up with joy because it shows us the fidelity of the Lord to each one of us and to the Church of this country.

We thank you for your help and prayers. Continue to pray for us and in particular for Kiryl and Emmanuel. May the Lord protect them and confirm their call to the Presbyterate.



It is a well-established custom in all Redemptoris Mater seminaries around the world to go on a pilgrimage every year during the week in albis (in white). This year we chose Madrid as our destiny to know more personally the birthplace and the bases of the Neocatechumenal Way. In the previous years we went to Rome, Riga and Rome again, respectively.

The arrival took place on the night of Tuesday, April 23rd, at Adolfo Suárez airport. There, the ten seminarians and the rector were separated by families of the Neocatechumenal Way of the parish of San Saturnino (Alcorcón), who welcomed us as one of the family.

On Wednesday morning we visited the grave of Carmen, co-founder of the Way along with Kiko Argüello, and the seminar Redemptoris Mater in Madrid. Then, we visited the parish of Catalina Labouré, located in the working district of Carabanché. It was one of the first parishes to have its architectural design innovated by the Neocatechumenal Way.

On Thursday we spent the whole day in Madrid sightseeing around the city and visiting key places of our pilgrimage, such as Almudena Cathedral and the diocesan neocatechumenal center of Madrid, where we entered the apartment where Kiko used to live.

On Friday 26th we went to Getafe, where we walked to Cerro de los Angeles (Hill of the Angels), considered the geographical center of the Iberian Peninsula. Before that, we visited the convent of La Aldehuela, where Santa Maravillas de Jesús is buried. Afterwards, we spent some time in Toledo, seeing the magnificence of its Cathedral and the city.

On the following day we went to Avila, to the residence of Santa Teresa de Jesús and San Juan de la Cruz. There, we were interested in the details of the history of these mystic saints. To close the day we wandered into the nature to enjoy the wonders of God.

Of course, we could not go back to Tallinn without celebrating all this as God intended, with an Eucharist together with most of the communities of the parish.

In the end, we left Madrid at two in the morning bringing a divine experience of how God acts in the lives of people.

As of now, we wholeheartedly thank the people who welcomed us for free, because they are a living memorial of the providence of God on earth.

Going on a pilgrimage is always a gift that God gives us to know ourselves more deeply. In this pilgrimage, according to the experience of each seminarian, we have been able to recognize that the other is Christ, above all, thanks to the life of each person who has welcomed us. Their generosity, happiness
and, most of all, the unity that exists in the community has moved us all, and gives us strength to ask God for this fraternal love that comes only from Him, not from us.