Admissio of Emmanuel Parra and Kiryl Arlionak

Admissio of Emmanuel Parra and Kiryl Arlionak

On May 2nd at the Cathedral of St. Peter and St. Paul in Tallinn, our Bishop Philippe Jourdan celebrated the rite of “admissio ad ordines” of two of our seminarians, Emmanuel, from Chile, and Kiryl, from Belarus.

They are in the fourth year of study and belong to the first group that arrived in Estonia in September 2015, when our Seminar was opened.

On the same day in Tallinn was held the funeral of Vello Salo, an elder priest and well-known Estonian theologian, who died on Easter night after 63 years serving the Church. Before celebrating the rite of “admission”, the Bishop, exhorting the candidates, invited them to be faithful to the call as that priest was. The words of the Bishop must also be highlighted: “(…) You will not be alone so that you will be faithful, surrounding you will be your communities, the parish, your brother priests, the whole Church, because no one can be faithful by being alone, nobody becomes a priest alone.”

Now, after these four years, the Church confirms their vocation. his fills us up with joy because it shows us the fidelity of the Lord to each one of us and to the Church of this country.

We thank you for your help and prayers. Continue to pray for us and in particular for Kiryl and Emmanuel. May the Lord protect them and confirm their call to the Presbyterate.

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