acolyte of Eliasz Wojciechowski

On January 23, our seminarian Eliasz was conferred the acolyte from our Bishop Philippe Jourdan. This event is the first in the history of our seminar. What seemed to be a utopia five years ago, today begins to
bear its first fruits. As Monsignor Philippe said during the homily: “from time to time dreams come true”.

Following the invitation of our bishop, let us pray for Eliasz, so that his vocation can be confirmed. And let us also pray for his family, who has educated him in faith.

Let us pray to the Lord that the seminary can continue to bear fruit with the help of the Virgin Mary, to whom the land of Estonia was consecrated

We share with you the homily that Monsignor Philippe Jourdan delivered in that event.

“Today we see the first fruits of what I thought was a dream and now it becomes a reality. The Lord does make dreams come true. We celebrate the first acolyte of the first Catholic seminar in the history of Estonia!

(addressing Eliasz) Let us thank God for your family, who has educated you and helped you discern your vocation, so that in the end you can answer “yes” to God and to this vocation. We also have to thank God for the Neocatechumenal Way, in which you find yourself, for carrying out the New Evangelization. This Way has helped you cultivate this seed that your parents have sown. You have to thank God for such great help you have received in your life. And now, Eliasz, you have to continue. The acolyte is an important moment because, thanks to this ministry, you can serve your brothers and sisters here in Tallinn or in another part of Estonia as well as help the Church around the world. The priest must be a person who gives himself to his brothers and sisters and who does not belong to himself, but looks up to heaven and helps others. As Pope Francis says: look to your neighbor and want to live with him and accompany him. Do not look towards yourself, but look at all those around you. The others are Christ and they are the way to Christ. And through the intercession of the Virgin Mary! You were born in Poland, where there is a special devotion to the Virgin Mary and you will now be an acolyte in Estonia, called the Land of Mary. It is a sign that your life is under the guidance of the Virgin Mary. And She is the Star of the Sea that shows the way. Listen to Mary and you will be with Christ. So that you can go with joy on this path of

(addressing the assembly) Let us pray for the family of Eliasz, for his parents, who have supported him to come to Estonia and help the Church. (addressing Eliasz) So that you can grow in love and holiness.”

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